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Written by Dilnoza Boyturaeva

My love is like red, red rose,
Day by day it's getting stronger.
Oh, my fairy lady, dear rose,
I can't wait for your answer any longer. Read more »

Poems | Views: 1167 | Date: 2011-11-26 | Comments (1)

Written by Dilnoza Boyturaeva

(Inspired by the song 'Et si tu n'existais pas' by Joe Dassin)

If you don't exist in this world,
Why would I exist, please tell me.
Without you, without hope, without love, Read more »

Poems | Views: 1242 | Date: 2011-09-18 | Comments (1)

Written by Bobur Komilov

No one can know the potential,
Of a life that is committed to win;
With courage - the challenge it faces,
To achieve great success in the end!

Poems | Views: 1151 | Date: 2011-09-10 | Comments (0)

Written by Doston Mamatov 
Realized that today is last day
You were mine and I loved you
Days passed like a dove flew I can’t forgive my own deed
Passion is now my only cure
From the corner I’m watching you
Poems | Views: 1012 | Date: 2011-05-22 | Comments (3)

Written by Dorothy Naveena
In the silence of the night,
Whilst darkness surrounds,
Each drop falls so silently
Not to have broken the silence of the night. I felt so wounded to see each fall,
Poems | Views: 1079 | Date: 2011-04-11 | Comments (1)

Written by Azam Abidov

I miss,

Trees begin to sing,
The Sun proceeds swimming.
Time goes on again on the terrace.
Do you remember me, bliss?
How can I get rid of this mortal music
Which makes me recall the past?

Poems | Views: 949 | Date: 2011-03-22 | Comments (0)

Written by Azam Abidov

Who you are –
A white man,
or red,
You are a boon companion or a threat.
To put yourself first
how can you well afford,

Poems | Views: 1994 | Date: 2011-03-22 | Comments (0)

Written by Azam Abidov

Let me go, take your hands out of my heart,

Set free my soul that is on your way.
Good-bye to you, dream, which helped me recognize myself,
Good-bye, this place, which is full of grief. Read more »»

Poems | Views: 1140 | Date: 2011-03-13 | Comments (3)

Written by Azam Abidov

Night falls and my soul worries,
Hey, miracle, please show your face,
My exhausted feelings are confused,
I am poor, I am alone.

Poems | Views: 1208 | Date: 2011-03-13 | Comments (6)

Written by Ahmad Rabbimov

I am not sober these days,
Because, I have lost you.
I don`t hear my heart beats,
My heart has left me with you.


Poems | Views: 996 | Date: 2011-02-27 | Comments (6)

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