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How Laziness Opened My Eyes?
By Zafar Zakirov

I was studying at 7th class and everything was quite all right. As all other students I also used to miss and skip my lessons in order to play computer games. I even did not notice that my studying was going down. At the last quarter I got a mark 3 from physics and had to take my exams because if all my marks were 5 I would be freed from my exams. It was OK till the moment my mother said if I did not get even 4, she would transfer me to another school. First, it did not seem like problem to me but later…

I had about 2 weeks to be prepared and it was quite enough, I thought. I planned to start preparing from the next day, but when right time came I did not have power and so I decided to postpone it. This was happening a few days until I noticed that only 3 days were left before my exams. Then I began to prepare from dawn till dawn however it was not enough. On the day of exams I felt myself so nervous that I could not think well and as a result of this I got a low mark. At the end,my mother said that from next year I would study in another school where I had no friends and no favorite teachers at all.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the lesson from this was the following: manage your time, achieve your goals, work on yourself and never postpone anything that should be done today.
Have you ever been in a similar situation that opened your eyes? Please share with your experiences and ideas.
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1 Evgeniy   (2013-01-05 8:14 PM)
  Sad but true ) i wish that from this moment you will always remember your mistake and study hard ! Good luck !

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