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How To Check & Perfect Your Own Essay? [ Prezi ]
By Akmal Akbarov

Have you ever wondered how you could make sure you had written a high quality essay that your readers and examiners would find easy to read, understand and become impressed at your ideas? In the following post I am going to present you an essay checklist you might want to use in order to check your essays before submitting, giving someone to read or publishing on your blog. I took it from a 5-day teacher training seminar offered at my work by Richard Paterson from the University of Westminster (UK) this summer in June. I have made some changes into the checklist so that students writing IELTS type of essays could also use it in their studies. Otherwise it was specially designed for students studying English For Academic Purposes (EAP).

‘Yes’ is the correct answer.


1.      Do I have an introduction? Yes/No

2.      Is it clear where my introduction ends? Yes/No

3.      Do I give some general background information to the topic? Yes/No

4.      Does my introduction catch reader’s attention? Yes/No

5.      Is it possible to understand from my introduction what the body will present? Yes/No

6.      Is there a thesis statement that highlights my position on the topic? Yes/No 

Your INTRODUCTION should NOT include any of the following:

-          The exact words of the title repeated

-          Detailed examples

-          Direct questions to the reader

-          Verb contractions (e.g. use it is rather than it’s)

-          Word limit which is longer than body paragraphs

Main Body

1.       Is my essay clearly divided into reasonably short paragraphs? Yes/No

2.       Is there a logical development of ideas in the paragraph?  Yes/No

3.       Are there cohesive devices / linking words to show how sentences and ideas relate to each other? Yes/No

4.       Does each paragraph cover only one main point? Yes/No

5.       Is the main point of each paragraph made clear with a topic sentence? Yes/No

6.       Is each paragraph clearly related to the essay title? Yes/No

7.       Do any of the paragraphs have a concluding sentence that reinforces, evaluates, or analyses the main point or links to the next paragraph? Yes/No

8.       Have I not repeated one idea over again? Yes/No


1.       Is it clear where my conclusion begins? Yes/No

2.       Have I referred back to the essay title and reminded the reader what the main aims were? Yes/No

3.       Have I provided a summary of the main points of the essay? Yes/No

Your CONCLUSION should NOT include any of the following:

-          New points/ideas

-          Direct questions to the reader

-          Verb contractions


1.       Have I used any non-academic language like big / thing / lots etc? Yes/No

2.       Are a lot of my sentences very short? Yes/No

3.       Are there any very long sentences? Yes/No            

4.       Have I repeated any words a lot? Yes/No

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1 Boby Tangkonda   (2012-12-10 10:41 AM)
  Dear Akmal,
This tip is really helpful and interesting. thanks for sharing

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2 S@r@L@dy   (2012-12-12 2:45 PM)
  tip is excellent. to say the truth i didn't know to write an essay. thank you very much. i'll wait and others...

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3 Thank you   (2013-01-07 7:53 AM)
  Thank you for such a brilliant advice !!!

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