This page is still under development. We apologies for mistakes found in advance. is an academic English language project that fosters independent learning to take place among students who are learning English in Uzbekistan. In our increasingly competitive world our new generation needs to learn how to be independent, think forwardly and critically. To achieve these above mentioned notions we run online projects with our partner and currently we have a very active and dynamic organization working with us and supporting all our projects whenever and wherever they can. 

 Macmillan Representative Office in Uzbekistan
Up to now we have managed to run a number of online language competitions mainly sponsored by Macmillan and partially sponsored by ourselves - English Club Founder – Akmal Akbarov and Co-Founder – Shahriyor Norboev. 

On this page we share all the projects we have run, running and will be running. Look them through below and if you like the way we promote independent learning among students, become our partner and support our projects. Click here to find out more about partnership with us and see what we offer.

The projects we have run so far include the following:
Opinion Discussions

Brief Description: In these competitions we ask our members to leave their comments on announced topic. We choose from 3 up to 6 lucky/secret numbers and people, whose comment coincides with that, become our winners. Remember that rules of the game sometimes change.

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Meet The Winners

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Writing Competitions

Brief Description: Here we give our members from 2 weeks up to 2 months period to compose their entries and submit them online by specified deadline. Winners are identified according to specially designed assessment criteria which is announced publicly as soon as competition starts. Sometimes we also identify the winners based on number of Likes on each post. In this case no any other assessment criteria is used. Rules of this competition also change from time to time.

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HOT Summer Challenge


Brief Description: Whenever possible we also run online interactive interviews with both well and less known Uzbekistanis who make a big difference in other people's and their own lives. All these people know English perfectly and they play a model role for those who are learning or just improving their English. Periodically, such interviews are also sponsored by our partner Macmillan Representative Office in Uzbekistan.  

Don't Panic! You will get what you want in IELTS

Uzbekistan At Denver Public Library

Sevara Nazarkhan & English Club Interactive Interview


Annual 'New Year' Reflection

This is our annual New Year discussion where we look back at passing year and reflect on our lives, failures and achievements. It runs during one or two weeks and it is sponsored by English Club. Again we choose from 3 up to 6 lucky/secret numbers, and people, whose comment coincides with that, become our winners. Remember that rules of the game are subject for change.

Win A Dictionary

How Will You Remember 2010?

Six Dictionaries Waiting For You

They Won And They Have Dictionaries Now

I Promised You Dictionaries And I Kept My Promise

Online Debates

This is our brand new project which we intend to run very soon. We will select 4 best students whose writing skills are at Upper-Intermediate or IELTS 7 level, break them up into 2 teams and assign them one week period to research about the debate topic. After one week they will start debating online by leaving their opinions and counter-replies as comments during 5-6 days. During this period our judge, a student or English teacher with the same knowledge of English and debating skills, will be observing and analyzing everything. Once the debate ends, he/she announces who wins in the debate. This project may be sponsored by Macmillan Representative Office in Uzbekistan.

New Productions

Apart from all these, recently we have started to run New Words page where we publish new words accompanied with definitions and example photos. Live MP3 Songs with lyrics is also our brand new production where our users can learn English while listening to a song (by popular Pop, Rock and Rap singers) and reading lyrics at the same time. All song lyrics are moderated and ones with inappropriate lexicology and meaning are not posted. They are also available for downloading free.