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If you just want to read our web-site posts, then it is completely your choice to register or not. We thank you for visiting us regularly and reading our posts. However, if you want to publish on our web-site and/or participate in our projects, then you must be a registered user our web-site.

We run competitions almost every 2 months. Winners usually receive brand new books from our partner Macmillan Publishers in Uzbekistan and scholarships for 3-4 month language course in Tashkent.

Yes, of course. Simply type your essay in Microsoft Word then copy and paste it in Publisher. You can also send your pieces of writing to us using our Contact Us form or by e-mailing Akmal Akbarov – Founder at Everything will be published online every Saturdays and Sundays.

Anyone! No matter where in the world you are at the moment you can always publish your own articles on any topic you like except politics and religion.

You can write stories, articles, essays, poems and/or prose.

We publish only those entries which successfully go through our quick and easy moderation.

It is making sure that everything published on our web-site is in accordance with our Terms & Conditions.

Please note that we do not publish stories, articles, essays, poems and/or prose containing the following: criticism of some politicians and their politics, a bad language, hate and discriminatory speech, direct and indirect threats towards groups based on race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or gender identity.

If you want to advertise an educational and/or cultural event, project and/or product which are not politically and culturally sensitive, then by all means you can advertise.

All the advertisements will appear on our News page. Occasionally we also advertise on our Home page upon request.

Please contact Akmal Akbarov – Founder at for advertising, partnership inquiries, feedback, complaints and other issues. You can also find him on Facebook. Please click the following link: Akmal on facebook.

Believe it or not but advertising on our web-site is free, but we make sure you advertise high quality item.

Our Home page is updated every 3 days. News page is updated as soon as we have any announcements to make. New Words page is updated every month. Live MP3 and Stories pages are updated every Saturdays and Sundays. We apologize for occasional delays which happen because we become overloaded with our full-time work in our working place. Please remember that English Club web-site is our hobby at present time and we are not professionally engaged with it yet.

No, it is not. It is an educational web-site for people who are learning English, and want more independence and autonomy over their own learning process. But we have plans to open our own language center one day.

Our history of evolution dates back to 2002 and we started all our activities at Uzbek State World Languages University in Tashkent. To find out more details, please see our About Us page.

As above mentioned is not a language center, so we don't teach English directly but only guide and help our members to practice their English on our web-site. Practicing one’s language skills happen by leaving comments on our Home page discussions, reading, listening to Live MP3 songs, writing stories, and participating in our online projects which we run during the year.
However, if you really want to attend some language courses, we can only recommend you the courses offered by RIKS Education Center in Tashkent. Please, call Azimjon Husanov – The General Manager at +99897 332 1222. Web: Find them on Facebook. Click here.

We have a plan to start helping our English Club members with their essays one day as soon as we find someone who is more experienced in this field and who has time for doing this for free of charge. Meanwhile, you can always send Akmal Akbarov ( your essays if you want some feedback before submitting your essays. Please, allow him at least 2 days if you want him to see your essay.

Yes, mobile version of is now on air. Link is Simply get your mobile phone, connect to the Internet, type our link and your mobile phone will open a mobile version of our web-site automatically.

Creating a strong password is very simple. All you have to do is to create a long password with at least 7 characters consisting of capital letters and numbers in between. For example, "akmENGLISHclubUZ99”.

For technical support, please write to Shahriyor Norboev at Write ‘Technical Support’ on subject line.

We ensure that your private information is confidential. Therefore, we never display your e-mail address and even your age on our web-site.

Minimize the size of your photo by maximum and try to make its width 3 cm width and height 2 cm.

Yes, certainly you can use them and we will be only happy about it. However, please always provide a reference for our web-site under every single essay as " material”

Not yet, but we do have plans to offer our members conversational club sessions in the future. Please, follow us regularly; all the details will be provided online.

For detailed information please see our About Us page. Basically we do not allow our members to talk about politics and religion. We also have a zero tolerance for bad language used whether it is hard or soft.

Like button which is placed on all our posts are taken from and therefore, first of all, you must have an account on facebook and keep as ‘Logged In’ when clicking Like button. If it still does not work, try doing it later. Facebook always has technical maintenance and sometimes its features do not work when needed.

We require all our unregistered users to enter our security codes when leaving their comments. We do this in order to make sure that all the comments are written and left by real people and not robots.

Please, register yourself on our web-site and your membership will be confirmed within two days. Once it is confirmed, you will be only required to log on to our web-site by typing your User Name and Password; after this you can always leave your comments easily and you will not be required to enter any security codes.

Yes, certainly we can share links. Please, send us a message at together with your web-site or blog link. We will see your web-site or blog and if we find it appropriate, then we can share links.

In order to register on our web-site, please click here. Registration will take maximum 2 minutes.

If you look at top right side of our web-site, you will see the counter which says ‘We Are 547 Today’ which actually shows number of registered members on our web-site. Yes, the counter works automatically.

Please, go down the web-site and you can see three tiny little people. That’s the counter and if you click it, you will be directed to Openstat web-site where you can see all other details.

We are based in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Central Asia. was launched on 10 June, 2010 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Photos of inappropriate content (e.g. erotic) and photos of politicians as well as celebrities are not allowed to upload as a profile picture as long as you are not the one.

Macmillan is one of the world’s leading publishers of English language teaching materials with over 160 years of publishing experience. With its headquarters in Oxford (UK), Macmillan operates through a network of local companies and offices in over 90 countries worldwide - in Europe, Latin America, Middle East, the Far East, CIS countries and Africa.
Macmillan’s commitment to quality has always been core to company culture and the company is today involved in publishing online resources and e-books as well as printed material.
Macmillan has been quick to embrace modern methods of production and distribution, while building on its heritage and outstanding history.
For many years Macmillan has successfully worked with teachers, students, institutions, educational authorities and Ministries of Education to develop and provide high quality teaching course books and supplementary materials to suit classrooms needs at all levels. Macmillan does not only produce international textbooks but also develops new titles for local and national markets taking into account national and regional specifications of the state.
To enrich the classroom experience for teachers and the students Macmillan has developed a range of online services. Macmillan websites offer high-quality free resources, lesson-plans, practical teaching tips and competitions for English teachers everywhere. It’s easy to get started and it’s great value for teaching. Visit to get to the world of free resources or visit to join the community of English teachers from all over the world. This is the world’s number one ELT resource site with lesson plans, worksheets, audio, video and flashcards.
If you would like more information about any of our courses, or would like to arrange a free teacher training workshop, or a visit by one of our representatives, call Macmillan Representative Office in Uzbekistan on (99871) 235 8363 or email

Macmillan Bookshop is moving to a new location right but previously they used to be situated in Tashkent (A.Timur Street, 24) near the Alayskiy Market and the Main Office of MTS. The bookshop works daily from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm (except Sundays) and the lunch time is 1- 2 pm. The phones numbers are: (99871) 2345268 and (99871) 2340485. New location will be provided very soon.

Macmillan Publishers Ltd is a truly global publishing company. It has offices in 41 countries world-wide (38 of these are publishing offices) but actually operates in over 70.
The company is made up of over 50 different divisions and operates in 5 different areas of publishing:
1) Education publishing including English language teaching (ELT)
2) Academic publishing including reference
3) Science, technological and medical publishing
4) Fiction and non-fiction book publishing
5) Publishing services including distribution and production
Macmillan was founded in 1843 by two Scottish brothers, Daniel and Alexander Macmillan; the company started off publishing Charles Kingsley (1855), Thomas Hughes (1859), Francis Turner Palgrave (1861), Christina Rossetti (1862), Matthew Arnold (1865) and Lewis Carroll (1865). Tennyson joined the list in 1884, Thomas Hardy in 1886 and Rudyard Kipling in 1890. "Nature” is the company’s flagship science journal, was launched in 1869 and in the same year Macmillan opened a branch office in New York. In 1899 Palgrave’s Dictionary of Political Economy, a reference work now due to appear in its third edition, was first published.
Macmillan’s commitment to quality has always been core to company culture and the company is today involved in publishing online resources and e-books as well as printed material.
Macmillan has been quick to embrace modern methods of production and distribution, while building on its heritage and outstanding history. In the UK, Macmillan is made up of:
Palgrave Macmillan (academic and scholarly publishing)
Nature Publishing Group (science publishing)
Pan Macmillan (fiction and non-fiction book publishing)
Macmillan Education (schools and ELT publishing)
Macmillan Distribution

Plagiarism is copying/pasting someone’s written work and presenting to the public as if it is your own work.

Yes, to follow us on Facebook please click here and do not forget to click Like button on top right in order to join the community and stay always up to date.

When writing any kind of piece of work you need to acknowledge any ideas, information or quotations which are the work of other people. This is known as referencing or citing. (Adopted from The University of Westminster, Referencing Your Work handbook)

Plagiarism is considered cheating, as you have taken the words or ideas of other people and passed them off as your own. takes cases of plagiarism very seriously. If you are caught plagiarizing you will face disciplinary procedures which could ultimately result in your expulsion. (Adopted from The University of Westminster, Referencing Your Work handbook).

It is perfectly OK if you want to use our web-site without any registration but registration has number of benefits. For example, registered members can participate in all our online competitions, publish their stories, essays, poems and many other benefits are yet to be offered.

Akmal used to have a personal classroom blog before he founded To find out what and how many people work behind the web-site, please see our About Us page.

We love your comments but please try to be respective when sharing your opinions during our discussions as people get offended easily online. We reserve the right to delete comments and even personal accounts if a user does not show respect to other members and keeps behaving in an annoying manner.

Yes, we do but we usually request our competition winners to come to Macmillan’s Office in Tashkent in order to congratulate them face to face and shake their hands when awarding our presents.

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