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Wishing You HAPPY NEW YEAR! is happy to wish you all very happy New Year! May 2013 and many other coming years be full of happy moments spent with family and friends, triumphs achieved at the end of a long battle and happiness built by loving each other. Thank you so much for following us on our web-site during the past two years. In 2013 we intend to develop our web-site further and offer you many other new and interesting projects to participate and improve your English, publish interesting posts to enrich your existing knowledge and add more social features to make your browsing experience much more fun.  Please hug all your family members and friends. HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

By the way we tried to be creative and original to make an original New Year postcard. Hope you liked it and see the number 2013 shown by hands.

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1 elmurod1202   (2012-12-31 7:13 AM)
  Thank you very much English Club group for wishes and for nice postcard, I wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR too. Even if I'm a new here in this site, but I found it very useful to improve my English, I hope in 2013 your users' number will increase sharply and we'll discuss in interesting projects as well.
I wish you all success!.

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2 Founder   (2012-12-31 6:33 PM)
  Dear Elmurod thank you very much for your kind wishes. We also wish you and your family members Happy New Year!!! Good luck in your studies!!! smile

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3 Ahmedoff   (2013-01-19 8:46 PM)
  Thank u very much Ec team for such a nice wishes. I also wish u all the best wishes. I like ur this web-project very much. Cuz it's very very useful for us. I hope u will keep going ahead. Thank u very much again.

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4 Moderator   (2013-01-21 10:15 AM)
  Thank you Ahmedoff for your support, it is nice to have such users like you. Stay tuned in Englishclub is bringing a new project.

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5 New_Man   (2013-02-10 9:11 PM)
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6 New_Man   (2013-02-10 9:13 PM)
  Thanks in advance!

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11 Pierrecit   (2017-03-09 2:11 PM)

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12 Pierrecit   (2017-03-10 2:40 AM)
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13 EalijahWepDG   (2017-03-10 3:59 AM)
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14 EalijahWepDG   (2017-03-10 4:42 AM)
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