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Results of EC Top Fans Announced! New Year Surprise!
On the eve of New Year we decided to make a surprise. We will award almost all our users who left their comments related to our discussion topic on our web-site during the second season of the project English Club Top Fans. The topic of our online discussion was ‘What Did/Do You Learn When Traveling Abroad?’ which received 25 comments all together. Please click here to read what people said.

We also ran this project on Facebook where we asked our fans to Like, Share and comment on our posts actively. From our Facebook page 10 people will be awarded. Please see the list of all the names below.

Winners from

1)    Ikboljon: "I learn different culture and different people. Moreover ...”

2)    Akhmad: "I learnt to be independent and economize my money as well. I met …”

3)    Kamoliddin: "This summer, I have visited to Athens and ancient …”

4)    Cz: "I learnt to separate which people I can trust to. It happened …”

5)    Zarif: "After my traveling I started to appreciate the country, the city …”

6)    Abdulaziz: "I want to know other nations traditions.”

7)    Ahmetic: "I learnt to be independent, economize money) i met a lot of people … "

8)    Bahodir:  "travelling abroad is the best and the most valuable event for …”

9)    Nargiz: "A man desires to travel around the world, so I do learn what …”

10)  Umidjon: "East or West, Tashkent is the best-That is what I have … "

11)  Sara_Lady: "to be abroad is great. You will get to know about other's …”

12)  Shaxa: "In 2009, the summer months I learned German in Vienna.In 2010 I was in Dubai…”

13)  Kirey: "I was in Moscow in 2008. I have had positive and negative …”

14)  Sarvar Love: "Nothing but the value of my homeland”

15)  IldarYusupov: "A fever of traveling and a better world outlook.”

16)  ZadaAbdi: "Studying abroad gave me so much. It taught me how to …”

17)  Johnny_41: "Good topic. Traveling is a good activity. You learn many …”

18)  Saidsulton: "I visited to Malaysia two years ago. Mostly i liked the view …”

19)  Dilnoz: "As for me, I prefer to travel by plane. And now I would like to tell you …”

20)  Abdurasul: "I learnt that we should not forget our tradition and culture…”

Winners from English Club Facebook page:

If your name is on the list above, please click here and send us your e-mail address. We need your e-mail address so that we can send you a link to Deposit Files – a file sharing web-site. We have uploaded all our materials online. So from this web-site (Deposit Files) you can download all your English language learning materials.

Our prizes as already promised are ‘New English Files’ Pre-Intermediate which includes Student’s Book, Work Book, Teachers’ Book, Assessment CD ROM, Interactive CD ROM and all listening tracks. If you have any questions about this project, please leave your comment and we will answer you very shortly. If you must talk, please call me at +99890 994 1285. Ask for Akmal. My e-mail is Third season of English Club Top Fans will start after 3 January 2013.

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