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“How Will You Remember 2012?” Project STARTED!

2012 is going to leave us in a couple of days and is happy to start the discussion "How will you remember 2012?” Tell us how you will remember 2012. What have you achieved and what you have not? What new have you learnt? What was the highlight of your 2012? And what is your New Year resolution?

First 10 people and last 3 people to leave their comments will become our winners. Our prize is Harry Potter electronic audio books (all 7 collections in high quality). This discussion will continue until 12 January (15 days) and will close at 5 pm on 12 January. Comments which are left after 5 pm will not be considered for our award. All the comments should be related to our topic and they must answer the question otherwise they will be disqualified for award. One person can only leave one comment. Please kindly register to our web-site by clicking here so that we will have your e-mail address. When you become our winners, we will e-mail you a link to Deposit Files. From there you will download all your e-books. This discussion is open for everyone around the world. Please feel free to join us and leave your comment even if you are in North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Asia Pacific.

Now let’s gooooooooooooooooooo!!!  

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1 elmurod1202   (2012-12-29 5:10 AM)
  First of all I'm so thankful from God that he gave me massive chances and happiness on previous year.
2012-year is the best successful year in my life, I even can't count my achievements one by one.
I'll remember it with unforgettable and fascinating memories, amazing expressions and valuable knowledge which this year gave.
Seeing my family and my closes in peace and healthy, having respectful friends are enough for me, but I'm gonna tell these too:
On this year I got a good result from programming competition than ever,that was first big goal.
First time I flied by aircraft and I could see our Khorezm from over hundreds of meters height.
I WON THE SCHOLARSHIP TO STUDY IN ITALY from ERASMUS MUNDUS. I've been living here since September.
That's not a simple concept for me, coz after that my life changed, my ideology changed, I saw Europe, I begun studying at one of the best universities of Europe, I got acquainted with lots of friends from different countries of the world, till now my life is full of wonders everyday.
Again one thing I achieved on 2012 year that I can't miss is such a lifestyle of living by choice,not by chance.

I hope and I believe God gives us more wonders, beautiful life stories and creative ideas on this NEW 2013 YEAR.

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2 mkoriev   (2012-12-29 8:08 AM)
  I'll newer forget this year coz I'm having wonderful moments . I could improve myself as a personally and as a professionally. I have had a lot of things that I remember this year, but one thing was that I participated national The Best Teacher Contest. Even I was the fourth one in republic I had very good experience and knowledge. Also, I have had first experience covering online during the 16th UzTEA Annual Conference. I hope coming year will be more useful and lucky. I wish all Uzbek people a Huge Love, the Greatest Success and of course the Strongest Health!

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3 iroda_17   (2012-12-29 8:47 AM)
  I’m thankful from this year for these:
At first, in January I connected internet via my own computer;
In spring I met a wonderful, very clever girl who will be a real friend forever;
I typed my own book;
I’ve never been in cotton term, but this autumn... with my groupmates... I got priceless memories from it;
At last, December! I’ve got a present from my lovely person, registrated to Englishclub.

I regret these:
Not doing more things in this year
My dear grandfather death
Being 3rd year student, coz my golden time is coming to the end
Being such a boring, lonely birthday

However, I hope 2013 will be more successful than 2012. With all my heart I wish every participant success, joy, health and of course, happiness in the year of 2013!

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4 java9527   (2012-12-29 8:54 AM)
  I will always remember 2012 as like very successful year because I enter to the university pre-foundation courses. What is more meet many new friends? Stay a live (21.12.1012). Nothing bad happened. For this reasons, I will remember 2012 with only best feelings. Happy new year for everyone!!!

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5 Dilnoza   (2012-12-29 9:34 AM)
  As a coin has two sides I will remember the passing 2012 with the smile and slightly sadness in my heart as well.

The brightest sides of this year were:
-graduating from my university with honours.
-finding a good job.
-buying a new mobile phone and a laptop etc.

But the failure of Master's exam was the only bad day in my life in 2012. Despote it I am thankful to the passing year. May the upcoming year be more successfull than this one. Ameen... :-)

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6 Gulnoza   (2012-12-29 9:41 AM)
  For me, this year began with happiness- my second son was born in the beginning of january! So, in 2012, i became a proud mother of 2 sons smile . And haven't noticed how this year ended, taking care of this little cute angel. Furthermore, we all survived 21.12.2012! smile

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7 Rohatoy   (2012-12-29 1:11 PM)
  How will i remember 2012? Well,good memories are as follows.Firstly,my 3rd kid a son was born after 2 daughters. Secondly, finished working at my 1st book "using video in teaching english" for the first year students. Hopefully, it will be published next year. Thirdly,this year i started tutoring at home,because i.m in maternity leave:) as zebra has black and white stripes,the contrast of its color we can meet in our lives too. Therefore, bad memories are sleepless nights,gaining some weight, depression with 3 kids. HOPE THE COMING 2013 WILL bring prosperity, luck and joyful moment to our lives. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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8 shaxa6767   (2012-12-29 1:28 PM)
  It was nice year for me.I remember many good and bad things.I've finished intermediate level and began upper intermediate smile

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9 TIP93   (2012-12-29 2:54 PM)
  I will never forget about the year 2012. This was time of prepairing for final exams. Terribly boring, but I hope it'll be "profitable". My sister was born in November, so I will think about 2012 with pleasure. And there is also 21.12.2012 of course! Long-expected date. The end of the world. I can't say I was scared, but there was a strange feeling.

Thank you year 2012. We survived! :-)

I will love to think about this year smile

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10 wise_rk   (2012-12-29 3:09 PM)
  I will remember with wedding party!
My brother married to her lover who he know fo 5years i'm happy 4them!

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11 Nigina Gafurova   (2012-12-29 7:06 PM)
  I remember this 2012 with the warm memories! We moved new house which is we were waiting for many years, My bro entered the University at last and i had some part about it. I met 2friends, now they are best friends of my life. And my Favourite Football team was winner UEFA 2012! And other good memories... I hope, this 2013 will bring us good memories! Happy New Year!

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12 Abdulaziz   (2012-12-29 7:07 PM)
  Hi everybody!!!
In 2012 year firstly I have recognized many english knowing friends as well as Akmal aka who is founder of english By their informations I am improving my english.
Secondly my nephew was born, just I am uncle. :-)
I wish u all the best wishes, luck, happiness in 2013 year.

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13 Nargiza Khodjaqulova   (2012-12-29 7:08 PM)
  honestly. I'll remember it as a bad year for meeting my love. I mean I broke up vs my love. I heart smashed.

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14 Khasan Abdukayumov   (2012-12-29 7:30 PM)
  it's gonna be an important year of my life. I have decided to learn perfectly english this year. and i'm trying... and get prosperity

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15 mirnosir   (2012-12-31 9:25 AM)
  2012 it was good year for me, actually every second, every day , every month, every year is good, it depends how you spent, how you use from them (i mean time)"One year" it is easy to say...we spend one year from our life, it means we came close to our death, we are coming close to our death in each second..If we think by this way we can try to spent our time more effectively and more usefull. All the best for every year to everyone in your life...

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16 Founder   (2012-12-31 5:36 PM)
  We are happy to say that the following first 10 people will be awarded with our electronic audio books of Harry Potter (All 7 collection in high quality). CONGRATULATIONS everyone!

1. Elmurod1202
2. Mkoriev
3. Iroda_17
4. Java9527
5. Dilnoza
6. Gulnoza
7. Rohatoy
8. Shaxa6767
9. TIP93

Please stay with us and between 12-20 January we will e-mail you the link to Deposit Files from where you can download your book prizes.

We will still award 3 last people to leave their comments in this discussion. Hurry up! Start the new year with new e-books.


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17 Doniyor   (2012-12-31 11:59 PM)
  Well, my 2012 was amazing!))) Thanks God that i had such wonderful year)i broke my leg this year, and i think that was the last time)) anyway, i had many bright moments as well))) the brightest of them was entering to the lyceum))) Happy new Year everyone!)))))

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18 Zarina   (2013-01-05 3:55 PM)
  2012 was somehow difficult year for me because this year I started my first work at 'Children's creativity center'. Working and studying simultaneously was quite hard. Wish all d best to every1.....

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19 Founder   (2013-01-13 8:38 AM)
  Good morning everyone and happy weekend! We would like to announce that the following people have become our winners: first 10 people and last 3 people who left their comments. Today or tomorrow we will e-mail you the link to Deposit Files web-site from where you can download all the promised Harry Potter 7 electronic audio books. Dear Doniyor and Zarina please click here and send us your e-mail so that we will have your e-mail. You can also e-mail me at or call me at +99890 9941285 if you want to ask any questions. Thank you so much for taking your time to participate in our online project.
1 elmurod1202
2 mkoriev
3 iroda_17
4 java9527
5 Dilnoza
6 Gulnoza
7 Rohatoy
8 shaxa6767
9 TIP93
10 wise_rk
15 mirnosir
17 Doniyor
18 Zarina

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20 Dilnoza   (2013-01-16 4:46 PM)
  Can't wait to download all audiobooks. But unfortunately did not receive any e-mail yet...

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21 Moderator   (2013-01-16 9:58 PM)
  Dear Dilnoza audiobooks are coming )))

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22 Founder   (2013-01-17 8:57 AM)
  It is also disappointing to see how our old and loyal user is not patient enough to support us in our difficult days. Internet in our country has been working very slowly recently and it took us lots of time and attempts to upload huge sized materials online Dilnoza. Otherwise you know us very well that we have never and ever cheated anyone since the creation of our web-site and our projects.

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23 Founder   (2013-01-17 8:59 AM)
  We have just sent e-mails to all our winners. Please take time and check your inbox. Dear Doniyor and Zarina send us your e-mail. We could not find it. Thank you. )))

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