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We will give a start to our annual project ‘How Will You Remember 2012?’ on 29 December. This is our third time we are running this annual project where we ask you to reflect on your passing year and see what you have achi ... Read more »

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Most of us have already heard that a schoolboy has opened fire at a primary school in Newtown, a small town in rural Connecticut, USA. Twenty children were shot dead. At the end of a tragic news day, the question remains: how could this happen? and why? As with other mass murders that have stained US history, the answer could lie in a mentally unstable shooter with few friends to pick up warning signs, and access to high-powered guns. As investigators frantically look for reasons as to how and why Adam Lanza shot his mother and then murdered 26 people at Sandy Hook elementary school, including 20 children, a picture is beginning to emerge of the man responsible for this tragedy. But Malloy offered no motive for the killings and said that no notes or diaries have been found that mi ... Read more »

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In this post I will explain how you can participate in our online project we are running this year and win free e-books. If you are not in Tashkent, it is not a problem at all. If your grammar is not so perfect, it is not a problem at all too. Last week on Saturday we met with our winners Olimkhuja Askarov, Abror Rakhimov, Abdulaziz Saliyev, Shahzod Yokubov, Saidakbar Pardaev, Doniyor Rasulov in café Barlos and presented our CDs containing e-books ‘Achieve IELTS’ – Students Books, Work Book, Teacher’s Books and Test Books with listening tracks. There was one winner Boby Tangkonda from Indonesia with ... Read more »
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