Englishclub.uz is happy to wish you all very happy New Year! May 2013 and many other coming years be full of happy moments spent with family and friends, triumphs achieved at the end of a long battle and happiness built by loving each other. Thank you so much for following us on our web-site during the past two years. In 2013 we intend to develop our web-site further and offer you many other new and interesting projects to participate and improve your English, publish interesting posts to enrich your existing knowledge and add more social features to make your browsing experience much more fun.  Please hug all your family members and friends. HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

By the way we tried to be creative and original to make an origi ... Read more »

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2012 is going to leave us in a couple of days and Englishclub.uz is happy to start the discussion "How will you remember 2012?” Tell us how you will remember 2012. What have you achieved and what you have not? What new have you learnt? What was the highlight of your 2012? And what is your New Year resolution?

First 10 people and last 3 people to leave their comments will become our winners. Our prize is Harry Potter electronic audio books (all 7 collections in high quality). This discussion will continue until 12 January (15 days) and will close at 5 pm on 12 January. Comments which are left after 5 pm will not be considered for our award. All the comments should be related to our topic and they must answer the question otherwise they will be disqualified for award. One person can only leave one comment. Please kindly register to our web-site by ... Read more »

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On the eve of New Year we decided to make a surprise. We will award almost all our users who left their comments related to our discussion topic on our web-site during the second season of the project English Club Top Fans. The topic of our online discussion was ‘What Did/Do You Learn When Traveling Abroad?’ which received 25 comments all together. Please click here to read what people said.

We also ran this project on Facebook where we asked our fans to Like, Share and comment on our posts actively. From our Face ... Read more »

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